At Cyberstate we we use a more sophisticated approach for project monitoring using our flagship product P3® which uses near real-time data that measures activity in the field. This data could be cubic meters of concrete poured or earth moved, labor hours spent relative to work plans and budgets, total hours for which construction equipment used in the field for executing specific work packages, or quantity of material used that is required to construct a certain number of kilometers a rail track, etc.

P3® allows project managers to individually monitor a project’s progress at Work Package (WP) level from the very beginning for even minor deviations. Project and program managers can also combine projects as a program or group of projects and programs as portfolio to monitor a program and portfolio progress and success at any point in time. This is achieved by adding additional modules of program and portfolio on the basic project monitoring layer.

P3® also provides a mechanism to monitor the ‘performance’ of a project against its uniquely developed KPI’s during the life of the project.


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