Portfolio management across the enterprise continues to evolve as a function that balances investments, priorities and resources. An integrated approach to portfolio management is needed more than ever to decide what to start, stop, continue, consolidate or change.

P3® provides a framework for assessing both the flexibility and adaptability of current portfolio management and ways to improve effectiveness in support of a more dynamic digital business environment. P3® portfolio monitoring uses and applies advanced analytics to improve outcomes and optimize portfolio investments.

As organizations are under pressure to invest their time wisely in projects that deliver value to the organization and sustain high performance, P3® scenario analysis feature helps the portfolio managers in prioritizing program subcomponents, projects effectively in order to deliver change outcomes where and when they are needed most.

Many organizations are in the process of moving from a project to product centric organization. Yet funding and overall fiscal governance processes are often impeding a successful transition. P3® cost monitoring feature across portfolios helps portfolio managers in managing the financial resources better and efficiently.

Program and portfolio managers must help organizations struggling to adapt resource models to support a product life cycle.


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