Our Satellite-based GIS Monitoring Solution


With an integrated GIS monitoring solution in P3® , users can view changes in infrastructure and land use frequently and with precision, making it interesting for analysts to monitor and map change over broad areas of interest. Persistent Change Monitoring (PCM) highlights human made changes in an area and displays persistent change accessibly as a color-coded geospatial data layer.


Satellite imagery provides foundational context and visualization of ground conditions, empowering to make critical, time-sensitive decisions. We use world’s best satellite imagery from world’s leading satellite imagery providers. For highest possible accuracy we use better than 5 m CE90 global accuracy to support reliable maps and data layers. For unmatched clarity we use world’s best commercially available 30 cm native resolution with advanced processing that provides beautiful, clear basemaps. With Analysis Ready Data (ARD) solution, preprocessed time-series stacks of imagery are aligned and produced at a set standard. Aligned image stacks from ARD provide increased usable content via localized metadata, more accurate feature extraction, faster processing, lower storage costs and homogenized inputs for analytic workflows.


Our GIS solution can detect change through inclement ground conditions and at night with our partner’s radar imagery solution. This type of imagery can penetrate clouds and darkness—delivering uniquely reliable monitoring capabilities to civil, commercial and development organizations engaged in large scale infrastructure development. With our integrated GIS solution, we can help our clients visualize and analyze their area of interest to identify ground features with best-in-class image clarity.


Features and benefits


PCM isolates changes that persist over time, allowing it to filter out noise from seasonal, agricultural and other natural cycles which hamper traditional image-to image change detection methods. The full product documents over thirty-four years of persistent change to provide insight into historical patterns of development, while also locating more recent changes in infrastructure.


Rapidly prioritize areas of change
Enables prioritization of resources and other data collections, based on where changes have actually occurred.


Efficiently update geospatial information
Enables highly efficient, pinpoint updates of geospatial information at 1:50,000 scale. Higher resolution versions of PCM support map updating at 1:5,000 scale.


Effortlessly monitor areas of interest for change
Provides cost-effective surveillance of geo-hazard assessment and construction over broad areas for intelligence tip-offs or regulatory enforcement.


Effectively analyze historical trends
Examines historical change and deviations from patterns of growth and development. PCM is delivered as a geospatial data layer geodatabase, shapefile, KML or GEOTIFF) designed to fit into your existing systems and workflows. The standard data is enhanced by attributes that aid in adapting it to a variety of tasks.


The attributes can be further customized with customer-furnished data for an optimally tailored

1. Enables Customizable data attribution including potential type of change (with optional
enhancement using customer-furnished data)
2. Highly interactive color-coded change detection output
3. 1:50,000 scale data available back to 1986





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