Line Construction

There’s no room for error in erecting high-voltage transmission line. A high-voltage transmission line must work flawlessly in all weathers. By bringing standardized processes and tools P3® ensures that all are driving in the same direction and improves project execution. In addition to P3® standard set of tools, agile EVM is another major tool to boost performance involved implementing more robust project schedule reporting processes which is very helpful in complex technical projects like transmission line construction.


P3® helps measuring the complete progress on all of project’s Work Packages (WPs) or tasks scheduled to be completed within a shorter span of time. In case of large complex technical projects, few hundreds of these tasks each week are difficult to monitor with using and effective tool such as P3®’s Work Package Monitoring feature.


P3® fully supports the Transmission Line Construction industry functions that builds a variety of different infrastructure assets, including transmission and distribution lines. The industry also constructs telecommunications assets, including fibre optic cables and communications towers, as well as power plants, though hydroelectric stations are not included.


This includes but not limited to:


• Constructing renewable energy facilities
• Constructing cellular phone towers
• Constructing communication towers
• Constructing electric power transmission lines and towers
• Constructing electric power generation facilities (except hydroelectric facilities)
• Constructing fibre-optic cable networks
• Laying underground cable



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