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Within large Oil & Gas projects involving several work packages in different development stages, a key project success factor is the proper monitoring and control of engineering and construction interfaces across all the involved stakeholders. Ineffective interface management is often responsible for cost overruns and schedule slippage for large oil & gas development projects, due to delays in commissioning and excessive rework.


P3® provides a key aspect of interface management that is the ability to effectively communicate, across all involved parties, all details related to an interface, including requirements, technical specifications, and potential issues. It is important that the communication channel is promptly established, the proper information is exchanged, and all involved parties acknowledge that they fully understand the interface requirements so that they can proceed with the execution of their scope of work.


When dealing with large capital projects, such as the construction of offshore and onshore facilities in the oil and gas industry, the project and program managers can take advantage of P3®’s contract monitoring features, including:


1. Issuing a large engineering, procurement, and construction contract to manage most of the scope of work of the project; and
2. Defining a number of smaller work packages, to be awarded to engineering and construction contractors.


Since oil and Gas Pipeline Construction industry provides comprehensive construction and infrastructure development services for the oil and gas sector, the Industry operators construct a large variety of oil and gas transportation pipelines, gas utility distribution pipelines, oil and gas storage tanks, pumping stations, oil refineries, gas processing facilities and other related infrastructure projects. As a result, the performance of the oil and gas sector is the primary demand driver for industry services.


The work in industry involves but not limited to:


• Petrochemical plant construction
• Petroleum refinery construction
• Construction management for oil and gas
• Distribution pipeline construction
• Oil and gas transportation pipeline construction
• Gas processing plant construction
• Storage tank construction


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