The usefulness of project monitoring techniques and principles in the highway construction and contracting business goes without saying. In order to compete in today’s economy, highway construction & management firms must assemble highly qualified and experienced professionals, and then support them with progressive management tools and equipment. Failure to do so leads to excessive staff, poor information, high overhead and lower profits.


Survival for a project manager in a maintenance environment usually means adjusting to “doing more (or at least the same) with less.” As maintenance budgets are squeezed, quality and reliability standards should not be compromised. However, the manager must be driven by the corporate goals. To endeavor to achieve corporate goals or initiatives with a 􀆟tight budget requires constant planning, not only on the divisional level but lower levels as well.


P3® GIS monitoring feature especially supports the Road and Highway Construction industry that constructs new highways, streets, roads and airport runways, excluding elevated roadways. The also includes highway and street construction management operators and special-trade contractors that perform subcontract work on projects, such as grading, laying pavement, installing guardrails and installing public sidewalks. P3® single and multi-path GIS monitoring features is built especially for monitoring the progress of highways and rail construction spread over large geographical areas and are usually difficult to monitor holistically in one go.


P3® other monitoring features fully support work of the Highway industry that include the following:


• Highway and road construction
• Existing road reconstruction and expansion
• Driveway and toll road construction
• Runway construction


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