The Heavy Engineering Construction industry is responsible for the building and subsequent maintenance of large-scale infrastructure, including mass transit systems, hydroelectric plants, outdoor facilities and areas, tunnels and various marine structures, among others. Since, the industry’s performance is largely dependent on government investment in public infrastructure, private sector investment and, increasingly, demand from the energy sector, it is essential that such investments must be protected from inefficiencies, performance issues, and poor monitoring.


P3® provides a well-established mechanism and framework for the monitoring of large-scale infrastructure projects, preventing resource wastages up to 15% resulting in significant savings and ensuring quality-compliance through rigorous monitoring at each level.


The Key characteristics of large-scale government infrastructure projects and programs that fall under the Heavy Construction Industry are:


• Non-financial benefit goals
• Susceptibility to political dynamics
• Mandated PM processes in place
• Large complex mega projects
• Long product life cycles
• Multiplicity of stakeholders


Governments usually have large mega project which face these common problems, such as developing a base cost estimate and schedule baseline, aligning project cost with the annual budget cycle, considering off-the-shelf solutions rather than high-risk new developments, splitting programs into smaller manageable projects, developing contingency plans, and identifying training needs.


Due to Long product life cycles in Government projects and programs, project and program managers need to ensure robust product design and P3® provides the tools, framework, and mechanism based on good practices for large-scale and complex projects in governments. P3® also presents integrated way to help project and program managers make better decisions in mega-project management using updated analytics and insight information.


The Heavy Engineering Construction industry scope of work included but not limited to:


• Electric power infrastructure
• Land transportation infrastructure
• Marine and waterworks construction
• Mining engineering construction
• Marine construction and repair
• Mass transit construction
• Harbour and port facility construction and repair
• Conservation and development construction
• Outdoor area development and construction
• Hydroelectric plant construction
• Power plant construction
• Tunnel construction
• Repair and maintenance services


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