P3® built-in Bill of Quantity (BoQ) monitoring feature fully supports the Concrete Contractors industry that pours and sets one of the important building materials for modern structures, making it an integral part of the entire construction sector. Concrete is used to lay the foundation for buildings of almost any size, ranging between single-family houses and skyscrapers. Its strength and durability also make it attractive as external cladding for commercial structures such as banks and malls, and thousands of square metres of concrete are used to raise sports arenas. It is also used in massive public works projects, such as bridges, roadways and dams, and in the construction of energy infrastructure, such as oil and gas pipelines.


The work of industry includes but not limited to:


• Concrete placement on construction projects
• Finishing on concrete slabs and footings
• Foundations construction
• Concrete pumping
• Sidewalk construction
• Curb, culvert and guttering construction or repair
• Concreting grout and shotcrete work
• Concrete patio construction


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