A critical aspect of the management of a large scale construction project involves the development and control of budgets and schedules. “On-time”, “within budget” and “according to specifications” should be the basic objectives of the project control system for any major project.


For effective control, P3® places great emphasis on pre-job planning thought the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) established for the whole project. P3® WBS comes from the integrated framework for all planning, scheduling, estimating, budgeting, cost accumulation, information, and control systems.


The P3® project control system can be integrated into the overall project organization but it should be separate from the other services such as procurement, construction management and engineering. Project or program managers ensure fast response in decisions related to the project using P3® Work Package Management(WPM) feature.


P3® helps in managing projects at each step through near real-time monitoring on the following projects:


• Office building construction
• Hotel and motel construction
• Restaurant, cafe and bar construction
• Retail store construction
• Shopping center or shopping mall construction
• Commercial warehouse construction
• Service and gas station construction
• Auto service and sales store construction
• Entertainment and recreation building construction (e.g. casinos, gyms, cinemas and arenas)
• Radio and TV broadcast studio construction


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