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As global competition continues to become are a reality, and as organizations expand their scope to more international projects, project managers’ roles in the implementation of bridge & elevated highway projects have become more and more important. Managing projects in the bridge & elevated highway industry requires ability and excellent knowledge of project monitoring. Project Managers have to manage and control work execution while wave rolling planning projects, analyzing new constraints and requirements, compressing time and costs.


P3® built-in monitoring features fully support the work in the Bridge and Elevated Highway Construction industry that’s scope of work includes work on bridges and elevated highways, including new construction, alterations to existing infrastructure and maintenance and repair services.


For the bridge and elevated highway maintenance project manager, the work plan for the year may be a series of small individual projects or a combination of a few large projects scheduled around smaller, more flexible projects. Whatever the work plan, the achievement of the plan is dependent upon the maintenance manager’s ability to manage the cumulative work plan.


P3® helps maintenance project managers by scoping out the work required for each project, estimating material and labor costs, identifying all support requirements such as equipment, permits and support costs so that the maintenance project manager may perform all scheduling of maintenance work within very tight work windows so as not to interfere with operations or production activities.


The maintenance work includes but not limited to:
• Constructing, repairing and maintaining bridges
• Constructing, repairing and maintaining elevated highways and flyovers
Constructing, repairing and maintaining pedestrian bridges


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