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In P3®, using the code of accounts at WBS, the cost and commitments, and the physical progress, the project is monitored using predefined cycles. These form the basis for the cost reports to be analyzed. The periodic physical progress measures the earned value which represents the value, in “base” budget units, of the actual work performed (e.g. installation of structural steel). Actual physical progress is determined by measuring those quantifiable tasks and translating them into percent complete. It is reported as earned value in man-hours, labor dollars or other cost element.


P3® WBS activity task list and WBS hierarchy features are especially built-in to support Apartment & Condominium Construction and design-build companies that construct buildings across all sectors of the economy, including retail and warehouse space, restaurants, office buildings, agricultural structures, hotels and motels, amusement parks, gyms and other recreational buildings. P3® Work Package (WP) monitoring features support all the processes that industry operators typically follow as the GC for a project, which entails full planning and organization of the buildout, including securing materials and hiring subcontractors, obtaining licenses, maintaining the worksite and managing clean up.


P3® variance analysis feature especially supports the Apartment and Condominium Construction industry that is primarily composed of general contractors and at-risk and agency construction management companies that build multifamily units for a variety of markets. P3® monthly labour variance feature is especially helpful to the industry operators who act as the general contractor for projects, which entails all aspects of planning and organization, including securing materials, hiring subcontractors and complying with local regulations.


P3® other monitoring features help in ensuring on-track construction of following project types:


• Constructing multifamily residential housing units
• Constructing apartment complexes (high-rise and low-rise buildings)
• Constructing condominiums (attached and detached units)
• Constructing townhouses and duplexes
• Constructing multiunit special-needs complexes (e.g. low-income, senior care and campus housing)
• Construction management of multifamily building projects (homebuilders and general contractors)


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